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Why We Celebrate Raksha Bandhan in India ?

According to the legend, the God of death, Yama had a sister named Yamuna. Yamuna utilized top tie a holy string known as Rakhi on the wrist of his sibling on the event of Shravan Purnima and the convention of sisters tying Rakhis on the wrist of their siblings started from that point. The sisters look for the gifts of perfect for the security, long life and great wellbeing of their siblings. Because of this, the siblings present their sisters with gifts and give assurance to them from a wide range of fiendishness impacts.

There was a ruler named Bali who was a devout fan of Lord Vishnu. Master Indra got to be unreliable from the dedication of Bali towards Lord Vishnu and accordingly argued before Lord Vishnu in order to spare his throne. As a reaction to his argues, Bali was toppled underneath the earth by Lord Vishnu. On this, Bali Asked Lord Vishnu for the treatment dispensed to him. He was then honored with the help of everlasting life by Lord Vishnu and he even guarantees Bali to mind and secure his kingdom. By virtue of his guarantee that was given to Bali, "Vaikunthdham" was left by Lord Vishnu and he went to secure Bali's kingdom. Goddess Laxmi, spouse of Lord Vishnu then went by Bali in the mask of a poor woman and requested safe house. She tied Rakhi on the wrist of Bali on the event of Raksha Bandhan by seeing him as her sibling. Because of this, when Bali offered her with endowments, she uncovered her personality and let him know that the reason of her entry is that Lord Vishnu is here to secure his kingdom. She likewise asked Bali that he ought to send Lord Vishnu back to "Vaikunthdham" in the event that it is plausible to him. Bali then asked for Lord Vishnu to come back to "Viakunthdham".

Spouse of King Alexander had tied Rakhi on the wrist gracious Porus when he had caught Alexander in the front line. She solicited Porus to spare the life from her better half and Porus, who was well known for his nobelness, consented to her solicitation. He controlled to kill his adversary in the war zone on the following day to stay faithful to his obligation.

Amid the guideline of Rajputs over Chittor, there was a widowed ruler named Rani Karnawati in the kingdom. At the point when Bahadur Shah, the lord of Mewar chose to assault Chiitor, Rani Karnawati sent a Rakhi to Mughal Ruler Humayun and requested his spare the kingdom. Humayun knew about the hugeness of Rakhi in Indian Culture and was touched by this signal. Therefore, he achieved Chittor with his armed force to spare Karnawati. Be that as it may, when he achieved the fortification, she had murdered herself in the mass suicide called as Johar.

But now time has changes, and so is the way of celebrating this festival. Many sisters have their brothers living in other countries, for example India, and thus they Send Rakhi to India and other countries. But still, the prime value of this festival remains the same which is to safeguard the brothers and sisters from any troubles.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Raksha Bandhan starting point, history, conviction

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian celebration that stands for the power of profound devotion amongst sibling and sister. On this day, sisters used to tie a bunch on the wrist of their siblings that is thought to be the bunch of harmony and they look for the favors of the celestial for the well being and long existences of their siblings. The word Raksha in Raksha Bandhan remains for security and the word Bandhan connotes bond. In this way, this celebration is considered to connote the obligation of security. Many sisters Send Rakhi to Australia and other countries to show their love and care for their brothers. This insurance is physical as well as otherworldly too and shields from the dim hands of malevolence.

Send Rakhi to Australia


The birthplace and consequent improvement of the celebration of Raksha Bandhan is identified with a few sagas that are generally noteworthy and accordingly its cause could be followed back to the Pouranik times. General security from a wide range of shades of malice and negative energies is given by this celebration the rich legacy of unbelievable conventions is supported by this celebration.
A few stories are popular behind the festival of this propitious celebration including those that are attached back to the time and time of extraordinary legends. One such acclaimed story goes a takes after: Once, the ruler of paradise, Lord Indra needed to confront the Daitya raaja who was otherwise called evil spirit ruler. In the fight between the two, a period came when Datiya raaja could showed signs of improvement over Indra and he was near thrashing.

He then looked for the counsel of his Guru and afterward performed in like manner. As indicated by his Guru, the season of Shraavana Poornima was extremely favorable for sallying forward. On that day, Shachee Devi tied Rakhi on the right hand's wrist of Lord Indra and therefore, he could restore his sway by beating the evil spirit.

This story is accepted to be the purpose for the cause of Raksha Bandhan in Hindu mythology. New and adjusted traditions have been procured by this celebration in advanced ages.

History and convictions Raksha Bandhan

This celebration denotes the insurance of siblings from a wide range of shades of malice when their sisters tied  Brother Rakhi staring them in the face. Their endowments are accepted to be powerful to the point that they invalidate the evil impacts of all negative powers and favor their siblings with heavenly powers and security.

There are a few acclaimed stories behind this celebration dated once again from the old times. According to one such story, spouse of Alexander had tied Fancy Rakhi on the hands of Porus, the relentless Hindu consultative and request his affirmation to spare the life of this husband in combat zone. The colossal Hindu ruler reacted to this in genuine Kshatriya style and limited himself from striking Alexander in the front line.

With spreading the soul of nationality in individuals from various ethnic foundations, the celebration of Raksha Bandhan was utilized by the Nobel laureate writer Rabindranath Tagore as a group celebration. Hence, it doesn't make a difference whether there is a blood connection or not as the soul of affection and security is not constrained to limits and is a long ways past the organic affiliation.

On the event of Raksha Bandhan, it is regular sight to see the females tying Rakhi on the hands of young men who don't have any sister. Additionally, the young ladies used to tie Rakhi on the wrist of Prime pastor (unless executive is a woman) and warriors and set up a power of profound devotion and consideration with them. The celebration of Raksha Bandhan is hence the image of goodwill and all inclusive fraternity.

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Most Ideal Ways to Send Rakhi to Australia

The day of Raksha Bandhan is drawing closer. It's not really two or three months. Planning and vital courses of action should be done from now onwards so as to make everything fall in the opportune spot. For kin who are separated because of limits of country, they have to act insight fully and make the courses of action. Send Rakhi to Australia or whatever other part of the world is not troublesome nowadays. With the crisis of ecommerce and worldwide transportation organizations, it has turned out to be just a short procedure to send blessings to siblings and sisters amid this promising period.

The inquiry is: from where to buy the rakhi and other blessing things when wanting to send to some remote area? Wouldn't the messenger charges be very on the higher side?

Yes, unquestionably the issue will persevere if rakhi and other blessing things are obtained from physical stores and after that gave over to some global messenger organization. In any case, in this time of mechanical development, why if one considers such an alternative. There are a lot of online retailers accessible through whom the thing can be bought and send with no extra cost. Yes, numerous ecommerce stores offer the choice to Send Rakhi to Australia and different corners of the world at ostensible expense. For a portion of the things, the delivery seeks free. Along these lines, it is constantly better to shop online and make the most out from the ecommerce office being accessible. Essentially non migraine of pressing and heading towards the dispatch organization for shipment! Everything is directed while being at the solace of home. It's protected, reasonable, and persuading. This is the place online entrances are shaking and having a solid effect to the business world.

Talking about things for gifting reason, there are a few sorts of alternatives to pick. Delicate toys, gems, gold and silver coins, books, earthenware items, pens, embellishments, pieces of clothing, watches, thus numerous more to name! A portion of the eminent ecommerce stores highlight the majority of these item variations. Extraordinary rebates and arrangements are likewise accessible amid the time of Rakhi. Returning to the Brother Rakhi variations, there are diverse sorts accessible. The most widely recognized ones are ordinary strung rakhis. Be that as it may, nowadays, the in vogue planner rakhis and costly metal ones are additionally accessible.

The vast majority of the e-stores dependably highlight every one of the variations. It relies on upon the moderateness too decision of people to pick the right kind of rakhi. German silver based rakhi strings are greatly well known and accompanies an uncanny look. They are costly dislike the unadulterated silver or gold ones. Additionally, never mistake German silver for genuine silver. These are fundamentally a specific sort of metal that looks like silver. They don't include any piece of genuine silver metal. In any case, they have a lovely architect looks and flawlessly fits the reason for get ready rakhi strings. At the point when you Send Rakhi to Australia, attempt to make the arranging a month ahead of time to guarantee that the things achieve the destination inside coveted time, preceding the genuine day of festivity.

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Easiest Way to Send Rakhi to Australia ?

Rakhi is the conventional Hindu celebration, it is otherwise called Raksha Bandhan. It appeared around 6000 years back when first human advancement was made by Aryans. The celebration of Rakhi is praised in a wide range of routes crosswise over India. There are numerous verifiable occurrences of Raksha Bandhan festival, including:

The story of Emperor Humayun and Rani Karnavati is the most popular frequency in the history. Amid the medieval period, Rajputs were battling Muslims assault. At the point when Rani Karnavati, the dowager of the lord of Chittor understood that there is no real way to shield their kingdom from the assault of the Bahadur Shah. Thus she sent a thread to Emperor Humayun to seek his help. The Emperor Humayun feels the indication of sister adoration and without squandering whenever he began off with his troop. 

Send Rakhi to Australia

The other rate of Raksha Bandhan Celebration is : - It is said that the immense head Alexander of Macedonia was dazed by the indignation of the Indian ruler Puru in his first endeavor. By this he was vexed, his better half found out about the Rakhi celebration and sent it to King Puru. He acknowledged her as his sister and amid the war, he passed on to secure Alexander. 

Rakhi is a blessed string which is an image of sister's adoration and warmth for her sibling. Upon the arrival of Rakhi sisters tie rakhi on the wrists of their siblings and express their adoration for them. This celebration is praised in the same way and custom as celebrated from the antiquated timeframe. Be that as it may, the way of life of individuals is changing every once in a while. Today this celebration is being commended in a wide range of ways. As all are occupied in their life and live a long way from the family so it is exceptionally hard to commend this event and Send Rakhi to Australia. Hence, individuals locate the diverse approaches to Send Rakhi to Australia, messages and blessings either by the method for postal or by the method for online mode. 

At the point when there was an absence of innovation, sisters used to send their Rakhi by post to their siblings and by the same way siblings sent endowments and measure of cash for their sisters. 
In any case, today when individuals can utilize innovation in each errand then they can do likewise in Rakhi celebration moreover. On the off chance that your sibling lives in Australia and he is not ready to come and praise the Rakhi celebration with you then you can Send Rakhi to Australia and message through online mode by the assistance of various locales with bunches of gifts and commend this celebration with the same adoration and affections. Similarly, siblings can likewise send the endowments to their beautiful sisters with bunches of affection and guarantees. So innovation helps sisters and siblings to approach and diminish the long separation.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

When is Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan in 2015?

The auspicious Hindu festival known as Raksha Bandhan is a bond of protection i.e. Rakhi will be celebrate on Saturday 29th of August, 2015.

Why Rakhi celebration vary every year?
Hindu calendar contains 354.37 days in a lunar year with 12 lunar months. This lunar calendars have a variable number of months in a year because of a solar year is not equal to a lunar year, which create difference of 9 to 10 days every year, which is offset every 3rd year. This extra month called Extra month or Adhik Masa. Therefore, sometimes Rakhi festival is celebrated in July month and sometimes in August on Shravan Purnima in full moon day according to Hindu calendar.

will be celebrated on Saturday 29th of August, 2015
Sunday, the 10th of August
Wednesday, the 21st of August
Thursday, the 2nd of August
Saturday, the 13th of August

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